Friday, February 26, 2010

My old knee mill

My old benchmaster knee mill the day i drug it home.
Reworked the whole thing and painted it, it's a little work horse.
I do more with this little fixed quill then some of my friends with their fancy full size bridgeports :)

Renthal bars and a polished tank

Customer wanted to use these old renthal bars on his chop, cool idea but i thought they needed a bit of creativity.
Cut them in half, plugged the ends, drilled and taped the top clamps and risers..i like them.
And yes that's actually a steel tank that was painstakingly polished over the course of a few weeks.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kawi chop

This thing started as a 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan, came in looking boring left pretty awesome.
Pound after pound of unnecessary shit removed, jockey shift, foot clutch, frame cut up and tweaked, slammed mono shock, Front Street fender, some old Z's , an old Paughco mustang tank, floorboards, shaved and shortened forks, disc brakes front and rear. No one ever guessed that this thing was a late model jap bike.

Who says that a late model jap cruiser cant have style.

New axle plates and tail section for a customer.

This guys frame was c-r-a-z-y sketchy!!!
Another drop seat, less than 2" of ground clearance and everything was crooked, porous welds, pipe for tubing...etc.
 We jigged it up on the fab table, fixed up the neck area, straightened it out, got rid of the drop seat crap, Fabbed up a new tail section with .120 wall DOM and installed some new water jet cut axle plates courtesy of Baas metal craft.
We also installed that cheap dna springer as well and made him a headlight, tank and fender mount bungs.

Wheel Building 101

me and my good friend Brantley decided it was time to learn how to build wheels.
It was nerve racking at first glance but we actually breezed right through it and the final product was well within spec (.02") Not too bad for our first try.
We have another one to do for the same customer next week in fact.

Monday, February 1, 2010

80 SR500

pretty stoked to finally own one of these as i have always coveted them.
I am going to have a tough time selling this one.
Got the frame all taken care of and the motor completely re built and polished/painted.
Been super slammed with customer projects so she has taken a place on the back burners for now but i will dive back in soon.

My buddy Eric

The brains behind anything combustion related that takes place in the shop.
I like to throw wrenches at the wall, He likes to calmly correct problems.
I didn't know they taught patience in the Army.
i guess some of us got it and some of us don't.

Adam's XS

This thing was an absolute mess when it rolled into the compound.
it was an accident waiting to happen, the frame was straight sketch, everything was fucked.
Not to mention it was really kooky looking with forward controls, apes and long fishtails and some ridiculously low sitting drop seat frame abortion.
Frame was completely re done and bike was fixed up right.

after a bit of un doing what had been done.

My good friend James's 73 sporty

This guy has always been an inspiration to me. Always putting himself before everyone else around him so naturally when he said he needed a bike i was on it.
He suffered a pretty nasty hand injury at work so we had to get really creative with the controls.

82' XS650 and the second project in the new shop

One of the prettiest XS's of all time,
It's proud owner, serving overseas, doesnt get the opportunity to ride it as much as he would like but still brags that 2 years later she is still 1 kick every time.

75' XS650

a little XS chop that we threw together to sell.
75 XS65O, cool little around town ripper that was an absolute blast to ride.
This thing has changed hands so many times over the past few years, and last i heard had pipe wrap and ape hangers....a damn shame.