Friday, June 4, 2010

just about wrapped up with this one

i really dig what we did to this shovel, no super narrow trees, no dry rot vintage tires, no anderson pegs.
simply F-A-S-T, mean, fun and 110% dialed!!
93" Shovelhead
4 5/8 S&S stroker wheels
HD cases
S&S jugs and heads
dual plugged
mild cam
fully dialed super E carb 
gme replica tank from Baas metal craft
tins powder coated high gloss black
ducktail pegs
heavily massaged stock rear fender
hand cut and finished 1/4" polished aluminum fender struts
cat eye tail light
hand made led tag mount with Biltwell reg. tube
shaved and polished 6" over showa forks
raked neck
12" shocks
6 spoke 21" invader up front with a speedmaster rib
stock 16" rear with a conti twin
narrow short apes
lepera seat
chrome wrap around oil tank
baffled drags
kick and e start
pretty much everything is new from the ground upand runs like a sportbike
man, i really dont want to sell this one.

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