Friday, October 15, 2010

A good friend and his good luck

A really good buddy of mine went down about a  month ago, he was jamming home after a very hot and very long day on a roof when some asshat decided to pull an improptu left, the person in front of him slammed on brakes and he just had no time to react.
Multiple broken wrist bones, a wrecked bike and a re assessment of whats really important. He's tough as nails so he  shook it off, gave his family a huge hug and decided it was time for the bike to get a complete re-working anyway.
He promptly dropped it off at the compound for the royal treatment and told me to feel free to change everything but the frame and drive line. fuck!
I'm stoked that my buddy is here safe and healthy to ride whatever it is that we proudly build for him.

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